Member Area Passwords

Some members have asked if they can change their passwords to the Member Area to something more ‘memorable’.

Memorable passwords usually comprise of standard words or phrases and can therefore be ‘hacked’ by online malicious password guessing programs.

Your Member Area password is system generated and held in encrypted form on our database and cannot be viewed by anyone other than yourself. Even we do not know what it is.

If you request a new password to the Member Area all you need to do is copy the new password sent to you and paste it into the password box.

Your browser will then remember your new password and it will be filled in automatically the next time you login.

Given the fact we had to send out over email 800 reminders in the past year to members who had forgotten their memorable password the term ‘memorable’ would appear to be a moot point.

Alternatively, if you are a Facebook user you can login using your Facebook details. If you forget your Facebook login details as well then we’re afraid you’re rather on your own.

There is still a rôle in the 21st century for pencil and paper.

Why not make a note of your password in the back of a book?