Poplar Mortuary Index 1911-1983

A mortuary to cater for the whole of the Metropolitan Borough of Poplar was built on the corner of Cottage Street and Poplar High Street in 1910 which replaced the four former mortuaries of Bickmore Street, St. Leonard's Road, Bow Churchyard and Wellington Road (see Poplar Borough Council's Annual Report for 1910-11, pp. 156-161, for a plan and further details of the new mortuary). With the creation of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in 1965, it became the Tower Hamlets Public Mortuary.

The Poplar Mortuary Index was produced by Life Member, Jack Jackson as a personal study over many visits he made to the Tower Hamlets Local History Library. It contains in alphabetical order almost 11,500 records of deceased persons passing through the Mortuary between 1911 until 1983.

Headings used in the POPLAR MORTUARY BOOKS

1. Number.*
2. Date of Admission of Body.*
3. Name and Surname of Deceased.*
4. Age.*
5. Last Abode of Deceased.
6. Signature, Name and Address of Applicant for Admission of Body or by whose order deposited and in what manner brought. 7. Name and Address of Nearest Relative.
8. Place from which Body was brought to Mortuary.
9. Supposed cause of Death.
10. Undertaker's Name.
11. Date of intended Burial.
12. Date of Removal from Mortuary.
13. Signature of Person removing Body from Mortuary, or by whose order and in what manner removed.
14. Place of Burial.*
15. Observations (note as to Inquest etc.)

The index is available here for download from the Members' Area