Recycle 4 Charity

A member contacted me recently about difficulty in using the Recycle4Charity web site.

Recycle4Charity collect used printer cartridges and make a donation to the charity of your choice ~ preferably the East of London Family History Society.

Go to

Step 1) On the home screen click on Register Now

Step 2) Further down, and on the same screen, type the word East in the Choose Your Charity box.

A drop down list of charities beginning with the word East will appear.

Select East of London FH Society - C916

Step 3) Check you've selected the correct charity at the top left of the next screen:

Add your name and address details so they can send you the envelopes for returning to them containing your used ink cartridges.

Step 4) On the next screen choose envelopes (better for home users) rather than boxes.

• Epson or Kodak cartridges
• Damaged cartridges
• Cartridges that have been previously refilled
• Cartridges that have been labelled for another brand like Tesco, PC World or Office Depo
• Cartridges with labels removed or extra holes (signs that refilling has been attempted)