Bryant & May Match Girls

Are you related to a Matchgirl, or anyone involved in the Strike?

Bryant&May Match Girls

My Great Grandmother, Sarah Chapman, was a leader in the 1888 Matchgirls Strike (read more in my article here).

I am arranging a walk in London to mark the 130th anniversary of the Strike on 7th July in London this year.

We will retrace the steps the girls took after walking out on strike and hope to have some speakers afterwards.

To add atmosphere, we are also encouraging folks to dress up in Victorian costume.

It is a free event so do join us if you can but please register here so that I can keep track of numbers.

Finally, I also have a campaign to save Sarah's grave at Manor Park Cemetery, which is in danger of being mounded over to make more burial space so please support this campaign.

Best regards,

Samantha Johnson (Member 015392)