Submitting articles to Cockney Ancestor

Have you ever considered writing up the results of your family history researches as an article for Cockney Ancestor?

If you can use a word processing package on a computer it can save you some work as changes can be made with ease, the grammar and spell-check functions can be used and reference numbers put into the text.

CA uses Times New Roman font in 11 point, but we can change this easily if you prefer to use a larger font.

We can cope with CD-Roms and articles sent as email attachments, but please send CD-Roms with a printed copy along with your personal details: name, membership number, postal address and an email address if you have one.

If you prefer to use a typewriter or even hand-write your material then that is perfectly acceptable.

If you have a lot to say then it will be necessary to split your article as we do not normally print more than a four-page article in any issue (about 2,000 words). If you need to split it, please prepare a short summary for the second part.

If you are unsure a member of the Editorial Team will be happy to advise and to look at a preliminary draft if you wish.


We like to include pictures where these help to illustrate the people or places described in your article. We are happy to receive good quality jpg images as an attachment to an email, but do remember to provide the title of your article, your name and membership number.

We can also scan photographs and ‘tweak’ them electronically to improve clarity and hide tears or creases. Original photographs will be returned to you, but do use a stiff backing to stop them being damaged in the post. Please include a self addressed stamped envelope for any returns.

Some group photographs, with a suitable commentary, may be suitable for the centre spread of Our Cockney Ancestors.

Editorial team

The articles are read by at least two of the Editorial Team and if yours is accepted for publication you may be contacted for clarification. You will also be asked to sign a copyright form.

Once articles are selected for publication they are checked for grammar and punctuation, so if this is not your strong point, do not worry.

Your article passes through a short process of preparation, checking, layout and proof-reading and we work at least two issues ahead so there may be some delay before you see your article in print.

You should however receive confirmation of receipt and be forwarded a copyright form. If you do not receive these please feel free to contact us to confirm we have received your article.

We try to balance content of the journal so we have annual themes, family history processes, descriptions of localities within our area and people.

Short ‘fillers’ such as amusing items you have come across in your research are always welcome as are items for Postbox and Can You Help?

Sending us your submission

Send your submission to the Editor by email with your attachment

Alternatively, you can post your submission to:

The Editor
24 Alderney Gardens
SS11 7BD

Please remember to quote your name and membership number and enclose a stamped addressed envelope for any returns.

The copyright form can be downloaded here and submitted with your article

Please note that we cannot guarantee publication of an item in any particular edition.