Burial record locations

Abbreviations used in listing are explained at bottom of page.

PlaceChurch or institutionRegister dates & locationR
AldboroughSt James (private chapel)CE
AldboroughSt Peter1863-1868 NDCE
AldgateSt Botolph Without Aldgate1558-1853 GLCE
All Hallows Barking (City)All Hallows Barking CityCE
BarkingBaptist TabernacleNC
BarkingChristian Brethren1848-1878 VALCE
BarkingCongregational Chapel1804-1836 TNANC
BarkingCreekmouth MissionNC
BarkingLatter Day Saints1849-1870 SLCNC
BarkingSociety of Friends Meeting House1692-1774, 1777-1837 TNANC
BarkingSt ErkenwaldCE
BarkingSt Margaret1558-1947 EROCE
BarkingSt Mary & St EthelbergRC
BarkingSt PatrickCE
BarkingsideDr Barnardo's Village Home (Girls)IN
BarkingsideHoly Trinity1840-1939 EROCE
BarkingsideSt AugustineRC
BarkingsideSt Cedd1961-date NDCE
BarkingsideSt Francis1890-date ??CE
BarkingsideSt GeorgeCE
BarkingsideSt LawrenceCE
BecontreeMethodist ChurchNC
BecontreeSt AlbanCE
BecontreeSt AnneRC
BecontreeSt CeddCE
BecontreeSt ElisabethCE
BecontreeSt GeorgeCE
BecontreeSt John the DivineCE
BecontreeSt MaryCE
BecontreeSt PeterCE
BecontreeSt Thomas Burnside RdCE
BecontreeSt Thomas MoreRC
BecontreeSt VincentRC
BecontreeWeslyan Chapel Bennetts Castle LaneNC
Bethnal GreenAll Saints Mission ChurchNC
Bethnal GreenDomestic Mission ChapelNC
Bethnal GreenGibraltar Burial Ground1793-1837 TNANC
Bethnal GreenHoly TrinityCE
Bethnal GreenIndependent Chapel Cambridge RdNC
Bethnal GreenIndependent Chapel Sydney StNC
Bethnal GreenJew's Episcopal ChapelNC
Bethnal GreenOur Lady of the AssumptionRC
Bethnal GreenSt AndrewCE
Bethnal GreenSt BarnabasCE
Bethnal GreenSt Bartholomew1844-1957 LMACE
Bethnal GreenSt James the GreatCE
Bethnal GreenSt James the Less1843-1955 LMACE
Bethnal GreenSt John on Bethnal Green1837-1931 LMA | 1931-date NDCE
Bethnal GreenSt Jude1847-1955 LMACE
Bethnal GreenSt Matthew1776-1877 LMACE
Bethnal GreenSt MatthiasCE
Bethnal GreenSt PaulCE
Bethnal GreenSt Peter1843-1855 LMACE
Bethnal GreenSt Philip1842-1946 LMACE
Bethnal GreenSt Simon ZelotesCE
Bethnal GreenSt ThomasCE
Bethnal GreenUnited Reformed ChurchNC
Bethnal GreenVictoria Park Congregational ChapelNC
Bethnal GreenVirginia ChapelNC
BishopsgateAll SaintsCE
BishopsgateIndependent Meeting HouseNC
BishopsgateParliament Court ChapelCE
BishopsgatePresbyterian Chapel Hand AlleyNC
BishopsgateSociety of Friends Meeting House1719-1837 TNANC
BishopsgateSt Botolph1558-1849 GLCE
BishopsgateSt Ethelburga1672-1839 GLCE
BishopsgateSt Helen1575-1981 GLCE
BowCongregational ChapelNC
BowOur Lady & St Catherine of SienaRC
BowSt Mary1538-1862 LMACE
BromleyAll Hallows, Devons RdCE
BromleyCity of London Poor Law Union ChapelCE
BromleyMethodist Chapel Bow RdNC
BromleyMethodist Chapel Central Hall, Bruce RdNC
BromleyPrimitive Methodist ChapelNC
BromleySt AndrewCE
BromleySt Leonard1622-1866 LMACE
BromleySt Michael & All AngelsCE
BromleyUnited Methodist Chapel Bruce RdNC
Canning TownHoly Trinity Barking RdCE
Canning TownOur Lady of SorrowsRC
Canning TownSt Albanburials allotted area at East London Cemetery PlaiCE
Canning TownSt Ceddburials allotted area at East London Cemetery PlaiCE
Canning TownSt GabrielCE
Canning TownSt Margaret & All SaintsRC
Canning TownSt MatthiasCE
Canning TownTemperance HallNC
Canning TownWeslyan Chapel Barking RdNC
Chadwell HeathSt BedeRC
Chadwell HeathSt ChadCE
Chadwell HeathSt MarkCE
Chadwell HeathWeslyan Chapel High RdNC
ChigwellAll Saints1867-1944 EROCE
ChigwellBaptist Church Franklyn GardensNC
ChigwellChigwell Row Chapel1827-1837 TNANC
ChigwellIndependent Chapel Lambourne Rd1841-1851 NDNC
ChigwellMethodist Chapel Burrow RoadNC
ChigwellSt Mary1555-1943 EROCE
ChigwellSt Paul1954-1982 EROCE
ChigwellThe AssumptionRC
ClaptonAll SaintsCE
ClaptonAll Souls Overbury StCE
ClaptonChrist ChurchCE
ClaptonSt MatthewCE
ClaptonSt ScholasticsRC
ClaptonSt ThomasCE
ClaptonThe New ChapelNC
ClaptonUnited Methodist Chapel, Pembury GroveNC
CranhamAll Saints1558-1938 TNACE
DagenhamHoly Family ChurchRC
DagenhamMethodist Church HeathwayNC
DagenhamSt MartinCE
DagenhamSt PeterRC
DagenhamSt Peter & St Paul1598-1959 EROCE
DalstonHamburg Lutheran ChurchPT
DalstonHoly TrinityCE
DalstonSt BartholomewCE
DalstonSt MarkCE
DalstonSt PhilipCE
DalstonSt SaviourCE
East HamPrimitive Methodist ChapelNC
East HamSt AndrewCE
East HamSt BartholomewCE
East HamSt George & St EthelburtCE
East HamSt John the BaptistCE
East HamSt Mary Magdalene1700-1960 EROCE
East HamSt MichaelRC
East HamSt Michael & All AngelsCE
East HamSt PaulCE
East HamWeslyan Chapel Abbotts ParkNC
Forest GateAll SaintsCE
Forest GateCongregational Chapel Sebert RdNC
Forest GateEmmanuel Upton Lane1853-1966 EROCE
Forest GateIndependent Chapel Romford RdNC
Forest GatePrimitive Methodist Chapel Upton LaneNC
Forest GateSt Anthony of PaduaRC
Forest GateSt EdmundCE
Forest GateSt JamesCE
Forest GateSt MarkCE
Forest GateSt MichaelCE
Forest GateSt SaviourCE
Forest GateUnited Methodist Chapel Field RdNC
Forest GateUnited Methodist Chapel Katherine RdNC
Forest GateWeslyan Chapel Woodgrange RdNC
GoodmayesAll Saintsinternment of ashes 1983-date NDCE
GoodmayesAll Saints Mission ChurchNC
GoodmayesSt PaulCE
HackneyChrist ChurchCE
HackneyCity of London Chapel UnionNC
HackneyEastern Fever HospitalIN
HackneyHarbour Light Free Goldsmiths RowNC
HackneyIndependent Chapel Well StNC
HackneyMetropolitan HospitalIN
HackneyOld Gravel Pit Meeting HouseNC
HackneyPleasant Place Meeting HouseNC
HackneyPresbyterian Chapel Mare St1812-1837 TNANC
HackneySt AugustineCE
HackneySt BarnabusCE
HackneySt James the GreatCE
HackneySt John at Hackney1593-1933 LMACE
HackneySt John of Jerusalem1826-1957 LMACE
HackneySt John the BaptistRC
HackneySt LukeCE
HackneySt Martins Mission Ada StNC
HackneySt Mary of EatonCE
HackneySt Michael & All AngelsCE
HackneySt Paul's Missionsee West Hackney ChurchCE
HackneySt PeterCE
HackneySt Thomas Square Chapel1787-1876 TNANC
HackneyWeslyan Chapel Hackney WickNC
HackneyWest Hackney Church1824-1888 LMACE
HaggerstonGloucester Chapel Haggerston1837-1852 LMANC
HaggerstonGloucester Chapel IndependentNC
HaggerstonNorth East Hospital for ChildrenIN
HaggerstonSt AugustineCE
HaggerstonSt ChadCE
HaggerstonSt ColumbaCE
HaggerstonSt Mary's Haggerston1829-1964 LMACE
HaggerstonSt Mary's Hallsee St Mary's HaggerstonCE
HaggerstonSt PaulCE
HaggerstonSt StephenCE
IlfordBaptist Chapel ClementswoodNC
IlfordChapel St Mary & St Thomas CanterburyCE
IlfordSt Alban the MartyrCE
IlfordSt AndrewCE
IlfordSt Clement formed 1893CE
IlfordSt John VianneyRC
IlfordSt LukeCE
IlfordSt Margaret of AntiochCE
IlfordSt Mary1833-1926 EROCE
IlfordSt Peter and St PaulRC
IlfordWesleyan Chapel Cranbrook ParkNC
IlfordWesleyan Chapel High RdNC
KingslandIndependent Chapel Kingsland1826-1843 TNANC
KingslandOur Lady & St JosephRC
KingslandSt Mary1558-1893 LMACE
KingslandSt Paul'sCE
LimehouseBrunswick Chapel1831-1837 TNA | 1831-1853 LMANC
LimehouseOur Lady ImmaculateRC
LimehouseSt Andrew's MissionNC
LimehouseSt Anne1730-1897 LMACE
LimehouseSt PeterCE
Little IlfordSt Barnabas1901-date NDCE
Little IlfordSt Mary the Virgin1539-1969 EROCE
Little IlfordSt Mary's Missionrecord with St Mary the VirginCE
Little IlfordSt Michael & All AngelsCE
Little IlfordSt NicholasRC
Little IlfordSt StephenRC
Little IlfordWesleyan Chapel Romford RdNC
Mile EndAll SaintsCE
Mile EndCoverly Fields Chapel1802, 1815-1854 TNANC
Mile EndEdinburgh Castle Methodist ChapelNC
Mile EndHoly Trinity1839-1938 LMACE
Mile EndSion Church Union StNC
Mile EndSt BenetCE
Mile EndSt OlaveCE
Mile EndSt PeterCE
Mile EndThe Guardian AngelsRC
North WoolwichSt John the EvangelistCE
North WoolwichSt Mary Magdalene Woolwich (Kent)1670-1889 LMACE
North WoolwichWesleyan Chapel Albert RdNC
Norton FolgateSt Mary Spital SquareCE
Old FordBaptist ChapelNC
Old FordChrist ChurchCE
Old FordSt MarkCE
Old FordSt PaulCE
Old FordSt StephenCE
Old FordWesleyan Chapel Old FordNC
PlaistowCongregational ChapelNC
PlaistowIndependent Chapel Swanscombe StNC
PlaistowMethodist Chapel Harold RdNC
PlaistowMethodist Chapel High StNC
PlaistowMethodist Chapel Pelly RdNC
PlaistowSt AndrewCE
PlaistowSt KatherineCE
PlaistowSt MartinCE
PlaistowSt Mary'sCE
PlaistowSt Philip (and St James)burials allotted area at East London Cemetery PlaiCE
PlaistowWesleyan Chapel High StNC
PoplarAll HallowsCE
PoplarAll Saints1802-1917 LMACE
PoplarChrist ChurchCE
PoplarMethodist Chapel Augusta StNC
PoplarMethodist Chapel Cubbitt TownNC
PoplarMillwall ChapelNC
PoplarPoplar WorkhouseDeaths 1860-1931 LMAIN
PoplarSt Cuthbert's District Chapel MillwallNC
PoplarSt EdmundRC
PoplarSt Frideswideburials allotted area at East London Cemetery PlaiCE
PoplarSt GabrielCE
PoplarSt JohnCE
PoplarSt LukeCE
PoplarSt Mary & St JosephRC
PoplarSt MatthiasCE
PoplarSt Mildred's House ChapelCE
PoplarSt Nicholas Chapel of EaseCE
PoplarSt Saviourburials allotted area at East London Cemetery PlaiCE
PoplarSt StephenCE
PoplarUnion Chapel Bow LaneNC
PoplarWesleyan Chapel Hale StNC
RainhamOur Lady of La SaletteRC
RainhamSt Helen & St Giles1583-1952 EROCE
RatcliffQueen St Chapel8122 TNACE
RatcliffRose Lane Chapel1786-1833 TNACE
RatcliffSociety of Friends Meeting HouseNC
RatcliffSt JamesCE
RomfordAll Saints1926-date NDCE
RomfordCongregational Chapel Hornchurch LaneNC
RomfordCongregational Church South St1781-1855 TNANC
RomfordGood ShepherdCE
RomfordMethodist Chapel Victoria RdNC
RomfordPrimitive Methodist CircuitNC
RomfordRomford Baptist ChapelNC
RomfordSt AndrewCE
RomfordSt EdwardRC
RomfordSt Edward the Confessor1561-date ND | 1561-1846 copies EROCE
RomfordSt GeorgeCE
RomfordSt John the DivineCE
RomfordSt Michael & All AngelsCE
RomfordSt ThomasCE
RomfordThe AscensionCE
RomfordTrinity Wesleyan ChapelNC
Seven KingsBaptist Chapel Seven KingsNC
Seven KingsMethodist Chapel Seven Kings RoadNC
Seven KingsSt John the EvangelistCE
ShadwellEast London Hospital for ChildrenIN
ShadwellSt Paul1670-1903 LMACE
ShoreditchAcademy Chapel Hoxton StCE
ShoreditchAll SaintsCE
ShoreditchBaptist Chapel Worship StNC
ShoreditchCalvinist Methodist Chapel Cumberland StNC
ShoreditchEbenezer Chapel Old StNC
ShoreditchFrench Church Swan FieldsPT
ShoreditchGeffrey's Almshouses Chapel1794-1850 GLCE
ShoreditchHolywell Mount Chapel Curtain RdNC
ShoreditchMethodist Chapel Hackney RdNC
ShoreditchShoreditch WorkhouseDeaths 1872-1885 LMAIN
ShoreditchSt AgathaCE
ShoreditchSt James1841-1857, 1885-1888 LMACE
ShoreditchSt Leonard's Church1558-1858 GL and LMACE
ShoreditchSt MarkCE
SpitalfieldsBaptist Chapel Church StNC
SpitalfieldsChrist Church1729-1859 LMACE
SpitalfieldsFrench Church ( St Jeanne) John StPT
SpitalfieldsFrench Church (Eglise Neuve) Church StPT
SpitalfieldsFrench Church (La Patente) Pasternoster StPT
SpitalfieldsFrench Church Artillery StPT
SpitalfieldsFrench Church Crispin StreetPT
SpitalfieldsFrench Church Pearl StPT
SpitalfieldsFrench Church Wheeler StPT
SpitalfieldsIndependent Chapel Hope StNC
SpitalfieldsIrvingite ChurchNC
SpitalfieldsMethodist Chapel Church StNC
SpitalfieldsSt AnnesRC
SpitalfieldsSt StephenCE
SpitalfieldsWesleyan Chapel Church StNC
SpitalfieldsWhite's Row ChapelCE
St George in the EastBeulah Chapel Commercial RdNC
St George in the EastChapel of the Good ShepherdCE
St George in the EastChrist Church1842-1945 LMACE
St George in the EastIndependent Chapel Old Gravel Lane1737-1837 TNANC
St George in the EastMulberry Gardens ChapelCE
St George in the EastPell St Chapel Ratcliff HighwayCE
St George in the EastScotch Church Broad StNC
St George in the EastSt George in the East1729-1875 LMACE
St George in the EastSt George in the East InfirmaryIN
St George in the EastSt George in the East WorkhouseDeaths 1836-1918 LMAIN
St George in the EastSt George's Wesleyan Chapel Cable St1828-1854 TNANC
St George in the EastSt John the EvangelistCE
St George in the EastSt MaryCE
St George in the EastSt MatthewCE
St George in the EastSt Peterallotted area at The East London Cemetery PlaistowCE
St George in the EastTonbridge Chapel New RdNC
St George in the EastWycliffe Chapel Philpott St (later Congreg.)1784-1837 TNA | 1831-1840 LMANC
St Katherine by the TowerSt Katherine by the Tower1584-1854 GLCE
StepneyBaptist Chapel James StNC
StepneyChrist Church Jamaica StCE
StepneyCongregational Chapel Burdett RdNC
StepneyCongregational Chapel Cannon St RoadNC
StepneyEast London Mission to the Jews Commercial RdCE
StepneyIndependent Chapel Hope StNC
StepneyIndependent Meeting House Bull Lane1780-1837 TNANC
StepneyIndependent Meeting House New Rd1785-1810 LMANC
StepneyLatimer Chapel Bridge StCE
StepneyLycett Memorial Methodist ChapelNC
StepneySt AnthonyCE
StepneySt Augustineallotted area at The East London Cemetery PlaistowCE
StepneySt Boniface German Church Adler StRC
StepneySt Dunstan & All Saints1568-1929 LMACE
StepneySt FaithCE
StepneySt John Halley StCE
StepneySt Luke Burdett RdCE
StepneySt Mark Goodman's FieldsCE
StepneySt Mary & St Michael (prev. at Virginia St)RC
StepneySt Matthew Salmon LaneCE
StepneySt Paul Bow CommonCE
StepneySt Paul Dock StCE
StepneySt Philip Newark StCE
StepneySt Saviour and the CrossCE
StepneySt Thomas Arbour SqCE
StepneyThe Holy Name & Our Lady of the Sacred HeartRC
Stoke NewingtonAll SaintsCE
Stoke NewingtonIndependent Chapel Church St1838-1852 TNANC
Stoke NewingtonMethodist Chapel Green LanesNC
Stoke NewingtonOur Lady of Good CounselRC
Stoke NewingtonPresbyterian Chapel Newington Green1841-1889 HADNC
Stoke NewingtonPrimitive Methodist ChapelNC
Stoke NewingtonSt AndrewCE
Stoke NewingtonSt FaithCE
Stoke NewingtonSt Mary1559-1896 LMACE
Stoke NewingtonSt MatthiasCE
Stoke NewingtonSt Michael & All AngelsCE
Stoke NewingtonSt OlaveCE
StratfordChrist ChurchCE
StratfordCongregational Chapel (Brickfields Chapel)1845-1854 TNANC
StratfordHoly Trinity Oxford RdCE
StratfordLatter Day Saints Assembly Hall Maryland RdNC
StratfordMethodist Chapel West Ham LaneNC
StratfordPrimitive Methodist Chapel Henniker RdNC
StratfordSt Aiden Ward RdCE
StratfordSt Francis of AssisiRC
StratfordSt John the Evangelist1835-1912, 1915, 1922 EROCE
StratfordSt Mark Windmill LaneCE
StratfordSt Patrick Lett RdRC
StratfordSt Paul Maryland RdCE
StratfordSt Stephen Cedars RdCE
StratfordWesleyan Methodist ChapelNC
Tower LibertyHoly Trinity Minories1566-1852 GLCE
Tower LibertySt Peter ad Vincula (Chapel Royal in Tower)1538-date NDCE
UpminsterCongregational Chapel Station RdNC
UpminsterSt JosephRC
UpminsterSt Laurence1543-1897 EROCE
Upton ParkOur Lady of CompassionRC
Upton ParkPrimitive Methodist Chapel Plashet GroveNC
Upton ParkPrimitive Methodist CircuitNC
Upton ParkSt AlbanCE
Upton ParkSt PeterCE
Upton ParkSt StephenCE
Upton ParkWesleyan Methodist Chapel Green StNC
Victoria DockSt AnneRC
Victoria DockSt BarnabusCE
Victoria DockSt LukeCE
Victoria DockSt MarkCE
Victoria DockSt Mary & St EdwardRC
Victoria DockSt MatthewCE
Victoria DockThe Ascensionallotted area at The East London Cemetery PlaistowCE
WansteadChrist Church (chapel of ease to St Mary)CE
WansteadOur Lady of LourdesRC
WansteadSt GabrielCE
WansteadSt Mary1641-1863 EROCE
WappingBaptist ChapelNC
WappingSt John1620-1881 LMACE
WappingSt Patrick1871-date ND | 1953-1965 destroyedRC
WappingThe English MartyrRC
WenningtonSt Mary & St Peter1654-1982 EROCE
West HamAll Saints1653-1854, 1864, 1875, 1876 EROCE
West HamAll Saints Church for the Deaf and DumbCE
West HamPrimitive Methodist ChapelNC
West HamSt John's Reformed EpiscopalNC
West HamSt JudeCE
West HamSt MatthewCE
West HamSt ThomasCE
WhitechapelBaptist Chapel Little Precott StNC
WhitechapelBaptist Chapel Mill Yard1732-1837 TNANC
WhitechapelPresbyterian Church Somerset St1749-1826 TNANC
WhitechapelSt George's Lutheran Church1818-1853 THA | copies with AGFHSPT
WhitechapelSt Jude Commercial StCE
WhitechapelSt Mary Matfellon1558-1857 LMACE
WhitechapelWhitechapel WorkhouseIN
WoodfordAll Saints1874-1888 EROCE
WoodfordDr Barnardo's Home for BoysIN
WoodfordHoly TrinityCE
WoodfordSt AndrewCE
WoodfordSt BarnabusCE
WoodfordSt Mary1638-1899 EROCE
WoodfordSt Paul1854-1940 EROCE
WoodfordSt Phillip & St JamesCE
WoodfordSt Thomas of CanterburyRC
WoodfordWesleyan Methodist Chapel Derby RdNC


AGFHS = Anglo-German FHS, 14 River Reach,Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 9QL, England
Barnado = Barnardo's, Tanners Lane, Barkingside, Ilford, Essex, IG6 1QG, England
CE = Church of England
ERO = Essex Record Office, Wharf Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 6YT, England
GL = Guildhall Library, Aldermanbury, London, EC2P 2EJ, England
HAD = Hackney Archives Department, 43 De Beauvoir Road, London, N1 5SQ, England
IN = Institution
LMA = London Metropolitan Archives, 40 Northampton Road, London, EC1R 0HB, England
NEW = Newham Library, 3 The Grove, Stratford, E15 1EL, England
NC = Non Conformist
PRO = Public Record Office, Ruskin Avenue, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DK, England
PT = Protestant
RC = Roman Catholic
SLC = The Genealogical Society of Utah, 35 North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150, U.S.A
THL = Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives, Bancroft Road, London, E1 4DQ, England
VAL = Valence Library, Becontree Avenue, Dagenham, Essex, RM8 3HT, England
WDA = Westminster Diocesan Archives, 16A Abingdon Road, Kensington, London, W8 6AF, England