Birth record locations

Abbreviations used in listing are explained at bottom of page.

PlaceChurch or institutionRegister dates & locationR
AldboroughSt James (private chapel)CE
AldboroughSt Peter1863-1868 EROCE
AldgateSt Botolph Without Aldgate1558-1927 LMACE
All Hallows Barking (City)All Hallows Barking CityCE
BarkingBaptist TabernacleNC
BarkingChristian BrethrenCE
BarkingCongregational Chapel1804-1836 TNANC
BarkingCreekmouth Mission1949-1953 ERONC
BarkingLatter Day Saints1849-1870 SLCNC
BarkingSociety of Friends Meeting House1691-1837 TNANC
BarkingSt Erkenwald1934-1966 EROCE
BarkingSt Margaret1558-1991 EROCE
BarkingSt Mary & St Ethelberg1860-date NDRC
BarkingSt PatrickCE
BarkingsideDr Barnardo's Village Home (Girls)1919-1973 Barnardo'sIN
BarkingsideHoly Trinity1840-1908 EROCE
BarkingsideSt Augustine1928-date NDRC
BarkingsideSt Cedd1961-date NDCE
BarkingsideSt Francis1890-date ??CE
BarkingsideSt George1932-date NDCE
BarkingsideSt Lawrence1935-1971 EROCE
BecontreeMethodist Church1951-date NDNC
BecontreeSt Alban1930-1959 EROCE
BecontreeSt Anne1936-date NDRC
BecontreeSt Cedd1936-date NDCE
BecontreeSt Elisabeth1932-date NDCE
BecontreeSt George1928-date NDCE
BecontreeSt John the Divine1934-1980 NDCE
BecontreeSt Mary1928-date NDCE
BecontreeSt Peter1931-date NDCE
BecontreeSt Thomas Burnside Rd1922-date NDCE
BecontreeSt Thomas More1935-date NDRC
BecontreeSt Vincent1923-date NDRC
BecontreeWeslyan Chapel Bennetts Castle Lane1927-1965 ERONC
Bethnal GreenAll Saints Mission Church1896-1920 LMANC
Bethnal GreenDomestic Mission Chapel1832-date NDNC
Bethnal GreenHoly Trinity1867-1892 NDCE
Bethnal GreenIndependent Chapel Cambridge Rd1704-1755, 1845-1858 ERONC
Bethnal GreenIndependent Chapel Sydney St1846-1880 TNANC
Bethnal GreenJew's Episcopal Chapel1842-1846 LMANC
Bethnal GreenOur Lady of the Assumption1902-dateRC
Bethnal GreenSt Andrew1843-1957 LMACE
Bethnal GreenSt Barnabas1870-1916 LMA | 1916-date NDCE
Bethnal GreenSt Bartholomew1844-1949 LMA | 1949-date NDCE
Bethnal GreenSt James the Great1844-1981 LMACE
Bethnal GreenSt James the Less1843-1956 LMA | 1956-date NDCE
Bethnal GreenSt John on Bethnal Green1837-1931 LMA | 1931-date NDCE
Bethnal GreenSt Jude1846-1945 LMACE
Bethnal GreenSt Matthew1746-1993 LMACE
Bethnal GreenSt Matthias1846-1948 LMACE
Bethnal GreenSt Paul1891-1899, 1904-1948 LMACE
Bethnal GreenSt Peter1843-1911 LMACE
Bethnal GreenSt Philip1842-1946 LMACE
Bethnal GreenSt Simon Zelotes1847-1951 LMACE
Bethnal GreenSt Thomas1848-1919 LMACE
Bethnal GreenUnited Reformed Church1865-1895 THANC
Bethnal GreenVictoria Park Congregational Chapel1905-1950 LMANC
Bethnal GreenVirginia Chapel1825-1837 TNANC
BishopsgateAll Saints1858-1867 GLCE
BishopsgateIndependent Meeting House1727-1837 TNANC
BishopsgateParliament Court Chapel1795-1811 TNACE
BishopsgatePresbyterian Chapel Hand Alley1705-1753 TNANC
BishopsgateSociety of Friends Meeting House1655-1837 TNANC
BishopsgateSt Botolph1558-1898 GLCE
BishopsgateSt Ethelburga1671-1974 GLCE
BishopsgateSt Helen1575-1981 GLCE
BowCongregational Chapel1876-1926 LMANC
BowOur Lady & St Catherine of Siena1868-date NDRC
BowSt Mary1538-1956 LMACE
BromleyAll Hallows, Devons Rd1875-1967 LMACE
BromleyCity of London Poor Law Union Chapel1850-1860 ?CE
BromleyMethodist Chapel Bow Rd1862-1955 LMANC
BromleyMethodist Chapel Central Hall, Bruce Rd1833-1940 LMANC
BromleyPrimitive Methodist Chapel1907-1925 LMANC
BromleySt Andrew1900-1949 LMA | demolishedCE
BromleySt Leonard1622-1960 LMACE
BromleySt Michael & All Angels1862-1974 LMACE
BromleyUnited Methodist Chapel Bruce RdNC
Canning TownHoly Trinity Barking Rd1863-1948 EROCE
Canning TownOur Lady of Sorrows1925-1966 ND | closedRC
Canning TownSt Alban1894-date NDCE
Canning TownSt Cedd1903-1914 EROCE
Canning TownSt Gabriel1879-1940 EROCE
Canning TownSt Margaret & All Saints1870-date NDRC
Canning TownSt Matthias1906-1968 EROCE
Canning TownTemperance Hall1876-1917 ND | closedNC
Canning TownWeslyan Chapel Barking Rd1899-1940 ERONC
Chadwell HeathSt Bede1935-date NDRC
Chadwell HeathSt Chad1895-1956 EROCE
Chadwell HeathSt MarkCE
Chadwell HeathWeslyan Chapel High Rd1924-date NDNC
ChigwellAll Saints1860-1894 EROCE
ChigwellBaptist Church Franklyn Gardens1938-date NDNC
ChigwellChigwell Row Chapel1806-1837 TNANC
ChigwellIndependent Chapel Lambourne Rd1837-1840 NDNC
ChigwellMethodist Chapel Burrow Road1952-date NDNC
ChigwellSt Mary1555-1957 EROCE
ChigwellSt Paul1951-1977 EROCE
ChigwellThe Assumption1952-date NDRC
ClaptonAll Saints1873-1972 LMACE
ClaptonAll Souls Overbury St1881-1958 LMACE
ClaptonChrist Church1871-1944 LMACE
ClaptonSt Matthew1869-1937 LMACE
ClaptonSt Scholastics1867-date NDRC
ClaptonSt Thomas1827-1935 LMACE
ClaptonThe New Chapel1827-1837NC
ClaptonUnited Methodist Chapel, Pembury GroveNC
CranhamAll Saints1559-1937 EROCE
DagenhamHoly Family Church1930-date NDRC
DagenhamMethodist Church HeathwayNC
DagenhamSt Martin1925-date ??CE
DagenhamSt Peter1916-date NDRC
DagenhamSt Peter & St Paul1598-1968 EROCE
DalstonHamburg Lutheran Church1850-1929 LMAPT
DalstonHoly Trinity1879-1964 LMACE
DalstonSt Bartholomew1897-1951 NDCE
DalstonSt Mark1870-date NDCE
DalstonSt Philip1847-1940 LMACE
DalstonSt Saviour1874-1885 LMACE
East HamPrimitive Methodist ChapelNC
East HamSt Andrew1934-1952 EROCE
East HamSt Bartholomew1945-1952 EROCE
East HamSt George & St Ethelburt1923-1955 EROCE
East HamSt John the BaptistCE
East HamSt Mary Magdalene1701-1960 EROCE
East HamSt Michael1926-date NDRC
East HamSt Michael & All Angels1909-1941 EROCE
East HamSt Paul1924-date NDCE
East HamWeslyan Chapel Abbotts Park1893-1904 ERONC
Forest GateAll Saints1881-date NDCE
Forest GateCongregational Chapel Sebert Rd1899-1947 NEWNC
Forest GateEmmanuel Upton Lane1852-1976 EROCE
Forest GateIndependent Chapel Romford RdNC
Forest GatePrimitive Methodist Chapel Upton Lane1892-1940 ERONC
Forest GateSt Anthony of Padua1884-date NDRC
Forest GateSt Edmund1901-1971 EROCE
Forest GateSt James1870-1966 EROCE
Forest GateSt Mark1886-1966 EROCE
Forest GateSt Michael1957-1971 EROCE
Forest GateSt Saviour1884-date NDCE
Forest GateUnited Methodist Chapel Field Rd1870-1955 ERONC
Forest GateUnited Methodist Chapel Katherine Rd1910-1956 ERONC
Forest GateWeslyan Chapel Woodgrange Rd1878-1965 ERONC
GoodmayesAll Saints1909-date NDCE
GoodmayesAll Saints Mission Church1909-1913 ERONC
GoodmayesSt Paul1903-1917 with St ChadCE
HackneyChrist Church1872-1953 LMACE
HackneyCity of London Chapel Union1884-1886 LMANC
HackneyEastern Fever Hospital1888-1938 LMAIN
HackneyHarbour Light Free Goldsmiths Row1897-1944 LMANC
HackneyIndependent Chapel Well St1837 TNANC
HackneyMetropolitan Hospital1909-1915 TNAIN
HackneyOld Gravel Pit Meeting House1802-1937 TNANC
HackneyPleasant Place Meeting House1818-1837 TNANC
HackneyPresbyterian Chapel Mare StNC
HackneySt Augustine1868-1945 LMACE
HackneySt Barnabus1890-1921 LMACE
HackneySt James the Great1841-1962 LMACE
HackneySt John at Hackney1556-1952 LMACE
HackneySt John of Jerusalem1826-1957 LMACE
HackneySt John the Baptist1856-date NDRC
HackneySt Luke1872-1968 LMACE
HackneySt Martins Mission Ada St1907-1932 LMANC
HackneySt Mary of Eaton1881-1964 LMACE
HackneySt Michael & All Angels1865-1930 LMACE
HackneySt Paul's Missionsee West Hackney ChurchCE
HackneySt Peter1842-1938 LMACE
HackneySt Thomas Square Chapel1765-1837 TNA | 1814-1898 HADNC
HackneyWeslyan Chapel Hackney WickNC
HackneyWest Hackney Church1824-1933 LMACE
HaggerstonGloucester Chapel Independent1841-1837 TNANC
HaggerstonGloucester Chapel New Haggerston1837-1859 TNANC
HaggerstonNorth East Hospital for Children1904-1907 ??IN
HaggerstonSt Augustine1863-1970 LMACE
HaggerstonSt Chad1864-1949 LMACE
HaggerstonSt Columba1864-1975 LMACE
HaggerstonSt Mary's1830-1949 LMACE
HaggerstonSt Mary's Hall1942-1949 LMACE
HaggerstonSt Paul1893-1906 LMA | 1860-11893, 1906-1970 destroyedCE
HaggerstonSt Stephen1864-1953 LMACE
IlfordBaptist Chapel ClementswoodNC
IlfordChapel St Mary & St Thomas Canterburyearly records at St Margaret |1952-1960 GLCE
IlfordSt Alban the MartyrCE
IlfordSt Andrew1923-date NDCE
IlfordSt Clement formed 18931893-1977 ?? | demolishedCE
IlfordSt John Vianney1944-date NDRC
IlfordSt Luke1909-date NDCE
IlfordSt Margaret of Antioch1914-date NDCE
IlfordSt Mary1831-1949 EROCE
IlfordSt Peter and St Paul1895-date NDRC
IlfordWesleyan Chapel Cranbrook ParkNC
IlfordWesleyan Chapel High RdNC
KingslandIndependent Chapel Kingsland1795-1848 TNANC
KingslandOur Lady & St Joseph1854-date DRC
KingslandSt Mary1557-1905 LMACE
KingslandSt Paul's1830-1980 LMACE
LimehouseBrunswick Chapel1831-1837 TNA | 1906-1963 LMANC
LimehouseOur Lady Immaculate1881-date NDRC
LimehouseSt Andrew's Mission1864-1876 ??NC
LimehouseSt Anne1730-1955 LMACE
LimehouseSt Peter1866-1968 LMACE
Little IlfordSt Barnabas1901-date NDCE
Little IlfordSt Mary the Virgin1539-1969 EROCE
Little IlfordSt Mary's Mission1941-1947 with St Mary the VirginCE
Little IlfordSt Michael & All Angels1898-date EROCE
Little IlfordSt Nicholas1868-date NDRC
Little IlfordSt Stephen1918-date NDRC
Little IlfordWesleyan Chapel Romford RdNC
Mile EndAll Saints1840-1951 LMACE
Mile EndCoverly Fields Chapel1782-1831 TNANC
Mile EndEdinburgh Castle Methodist ChapelNC
Mile EndHoly Trinity1841-1959 LMACE
Mile EndSion Church Union St1791-1837 TNANC
Mile EndSt Benet1872-1931 LMACE
Mile EndSt Olave1875-1914 LMACE
Mile EndSt Peter1839-1954 LMACE
Mile EndThe Guardian Angels1869-1890 WDARC
North WoolwichSt John the Evangelist1876-1924 EROCE
North WoolwichSt Mary Magdalene Woolwich (Kent)1670-1937 LMACE
North WoolwichWesleyan Chapel Albert Rd1871-1954 NEWNC
Norton FolgateSt Mary Spital Square1734-1911 LMACE
Old FordBaptist Chapel1814-1837 TNANC
Old FordChrist Church1907-1929 ??CE
Old FordSt Mark1869-1952 LMACE
Old FordSt Paul1878-1951 LMACE
Old FordSt Stephen1858-1961 LMACE
Old FordWesleyan Chapel Old Ford1871-1925 LMANC
PlaistowCongregational Chapel1833-1837 TNANC
PlaistowIndependent Chapel Swanscombe St1860-1882 LMANC
PlaistowMethodist Chapel Harold Rd1897-1947 NEWNC
PlaistowMethodist Chapel High St1897-1947 NEWNC
PlaistowMethodist Chapel Pelly Rd1897-1947 NEWNC
PlaistowSt Andrew1870-1968 EROCE
PlaistowSt Katherine1891-1965 ?? | demolishedCE
PlaistowSt Martin1898-1901 at St Andrew | 1901-1911:1914-1943 EROCE
PlaistowSt Mary's1830-1968 EROCE
PlaistowSt Philip (and St James)1903-1972 EROCE
PlaistowWesleyan Chapel High StNC
PoplarAll Hallows - East India Dock Road1880-1940 LMACE
PoplarAll Saints1728-1985 LMACE
PoplarChrist Church - Manchester Road, Isle of Dogs1876-1950 LMACE
PoplarMethodist Chapel Augusta StNC
PoplarMethodist Chapel Cubbitt Town1865-1947 ELFHSNC
PoplarMillwall Chapel1823-1836 TNANC
PoplarPoplar Workhouse1837-1914 births LMA | 1881-1931 baptisms LMAIN
PoplarSt Cuthbert's District Chapel Millwall1937-1950 ??NC
PoplarSt Edmund1870-date NDRC
PoplarSt Frideswide1883-1947 LMACE
PoplarSt Gabriel1869-1947 LMACE
PoplarSt John1872-1940 LMACE
PoplarSt Luke1864-1951 LMACE
PoplarSt Mary & St Joseph1818-date NDRC
PoplarSt Matthias1867-1976 LMACE
PoplarSt Mildred's House Chapel1940-1943 ??CE
PoplarSt Nicholas Chapel of Ease1900-1941 LMACE
PoplarSt Saviour1874-1975 LMACE
PoplarSt Stephen1867-1940 LMACE
PoplarUnion Chapel Bow Lane1812-1837 TNANC
PoplarWesleyan Chapel Hale St1812-1837 TNANC
RainhamOur Lady of La Salette1938-date NDRC
RainhamSt Helen & St Giles1570-1944 EROCE
RatcliffQueen St Chapel1698-1837 TNACE
RatcliffRose Lane Chapel1785-1837 TNACE
RatcliffSociety of Friends Meeting House1656-1806 TNANC
RatcliffSt James1840-1883 LMA | 1883-1897 destroyedCE
RomfordAll Saints1926-date NDCE
RomfordCongregational Chapel Hornchurch Lane1812-1818 TNANC
RomfordCongregational Church South St1812-1818 TNANC
RomfordGood Shepherd1934-dateCE
RomfordMethodist Chapel Victoria Rd1936-1961 ERONC
RomfordPrimitive Methodist Circuit1861-1916 ERONC
RomfordRomford Baptist Chapel1937-1943 ERONC
RomfordSt Andrewformed 1862CE
RomfordSt Edward1852-date NDRC
RomfordSt Edward the Confessor1561-date ND | 1561-1846 copies EROCE
RomfordSt Georgeformed 1939CE
RomfordSt John the Divine1928-date NDCE
RomfordSt Michael & All Angels1930-date NDCE
RomfordSt Thomasformed 1841CE
RomfordThe Ascensionformed 1880CE
RomfordTrinity Wesleyan Chapel1835-1837 ERONC
Seven KingsBaptist Chapel Seven KingsNC
Seven KingsMethodist Chapel Seven Kings RoadNC
Seven KingsSt John the Evangelist1904-date NDCE
ShadwellEast London Hospital for Children1877-1931 LMAIN
ShadwellSt Paul1670-1927 LMACE
ShoreditchAcademy Chapel Hoxton St1800-1836 TNACE
ShoreditchAll Saints1856-1956 LMACE
ShoreditchBaptist Chapel Worship St1785-1837 TNANC
ShoreditchCalvinist Methodist Chapel Cumberland St1788-1815 TNANC
ShoreditchEbenezer Chapel Old St1823-1837 TNANC
ShoreditchFrench Church Swan Fields1721-1735 TNAPT
ShoreditchGeffrey's Almshouses ChapelCE
ShoreditchHolywell Mount Chapel Curtain Rd1783-1837 TNA | 1837-1854 LMANC
ShoreditchMethodist Chapel Hackney Rd1838-1954 LMANC
ShoreditchShoreditch Workhouse1820-71 GL | 1862-1872, 1887-1891 LMAIN
ShoreditchSt Agatha1871-1937 LMACE
ShoreditchSt James1839-1936 LMACE
ShoreditchSt Leonard's Church1558-1901 GL and LMACE
ShoreditchSt Mark1848-1963 LMACE
SpitalfieldsBaptist Chapel Church St1772-1826 TNANC
SpitalfieldsChrist Church1729-1961 LMACE
SpitalfieldsFrench Church ( St Jeanne) John St1687-1823 TNAPT
SpitalfieldsFrench Church (Eglise Neuve) Church St1753-1809 TNAPT
SpitalfieldsFrench Church (La Patente) Pasternoster St1689-1785 TNAPT
SpitalfieldsFrench Church Artillery St1691-1786 TNAPT
SpitalfieldsFrench Church Crispin Street1694-1716 TNAPT
SpitalfieldsFrench Church Pearl St1698-1701 TNAPT
SpitalfieldsFrench Church Wheeler St1703-1941 TNAPT
SpitalfieldsIndependent Chapel Hope St1830-1836 TNANC
SpitalfieldsIrvingite Church1829-1840 TNANC
SpitalfieldsMethodist Chapel Church St1836-1890 LMANC
SpitalfieldsRépértoire Générale (RG) Huguenot IndexesPT
SpitalfieldsRG Bell Lane1709-1716 TNAPT
SpitalfieldsRG Brown's Lane1719-1740PT
SpitalfieldsRG Crispin St1695-1715 TNAPT
SpitalfieldsRG La Patente1689-1774 TNAPT
SpitalfieldsRG Le Marché1719 TNAPT
SpitalfieldsRG Wheeler St1703-1742 TNAPT
SpitalfieldsSt Annes1848-1920 | indexes 1848-1909 | WDARC
SpitalfieldsSt Stephen1861-1930 LMACE
SpitalfieldsWesleyan Chapel Church St1815-1837 TNA | 1838-1890 LMANC
SpitalfieldsWhite's Row Chapel1756-1837 TNACE
St George in the EastBeulah Chapel Commercial Rd1787-1837 TNANC
St George in the EastChapel of the Good Shepherd1857-1866 ??CE
St George in the EastChrist Church1842-1945 LMACE
St George in the EastIndependent Chapel Old Gravel Lane1704-1837 TNANC
St George in the EastMulberry Gardens Chapel1784-1837 TNACE
St George in the EastPell St Chapel Ratcliff Highway1736-1829 TNACE
St George in the EastScotch Church Broad St1741-1840 TNANC
St George in the EastSt George in the East1729-1901 LMACE
St George in the EastSt George in the East Infirmary1893-1932 LMAIn
St George in the EastSt George in the East Workhouse1836-1875 LMAIN
St George in the EastSt George's Wesleyan Chapel Cable St1812-1837 TNA | 1838-1910 LMANC
St George in the EastSt John the Evangelist1870-1943 LMACE
St George in the EastSt Mary1850-1958 LMACE
St George in the EastSt Matthew1859-1891 LMACE
St George in the EastSt Peter1866-1933 LMACE
St George in the EastTonbridge Chapel New Rd1811-1837 TNANC
St George in the EastWycliffe Chapel Philpott St (later Congreg.)1785-1837 TNA | 1792-1810, 1850-1906 LMANC
St Katherine by the TowerSt Katherine by the Tower1584-1946 GLCE
StepneyBaptist Chapel James St1786-1803 TNANC
StepneyChrist Church Jamaica St1877-1941 LMACE
StepneyCongregational Chapel Burdett Rd1909-1939 LMANC
StepneyCongregational Chapel Cannon St Road1792-1810 LMANC
StepneyEast London Mission to the Jews Commercial Rd1892-1898 LMACE
StepneyIndependent Chapel Hope St1796-1820 TNANC
StepneyIndependent Meeting House Bull Lane1644-1837 TNANC
StepneyIndependent Meeting House New Rd1811-1837 LMANC
StepneyLatimer Chapel Bridge St1825-1837 TNA | other records destroyedCE
StepneyLycett Memorial Methodist ChapelNC
StepneySt Anthony1879-1933 LMACE
StepneySt Augustine1879-1948 LMACE
StepneySt Boniface German Church Adler St1809-date ND | 1849-1950 copies AGFHSRC
StepneySt Dunstan & All Saints1568-1954 LMACE
StepneySt Faith1891-1940 LMACE
StepneySt John Halley St1853-1955 LMACE
StepneySt Luke Burdett Rd1869-1923 LMACE
StepneySt Mark Goodman's Fields1840-1926 LMACE
StepneySt Mary & St Michael (prev. at Virginia St)1789-1800, 1832-1856, 1856-1893 WDARC
StepneySt Matthew Salmon Lane1871-1947 LMACE
StepneySt Paul Bow Common1858-1926 LMACE
StepneySt Paul Dock St1848-1925 LMACE
StepneySt Philip Newark St1838-1979 LMACE
StepneySt Saviour and the Cross1857-1868 LMACE
StepneySt Thomas Arbour Sq1840-1940 LMACE
StepneyThe Holy Name & Our Lady of the Sacred Heart1892-date NDRC
Stoke NewingtonAll Saints1872-1956 LMACE
Stoke NewingtonIndependent Chapel Church St1785-1836 TNANC
Stoke NewingtonMethodist Chapel Green LanesNC
Stoke NewingtonOur Lady of Good Counsel1882-date NDRC
Stoke NewingtonPresbyterian Chapel Newington Green1707-1976 HADNC
Stoke NewingtonPrimitive Methodist Chapel1928-1940 LMANC
Stoke NewingtonSt Andrew1883-1972 LMACE
Stoke NewingtonSt Faith1869-1966 LMACE
Stoke NewingtonSt Mary1560-1942 LMACE
Stoke NewingtonSt Matthias1849-1984 LMACE
Stoke NewingtonSt Michael & All Angels1885-1917 LMACE
Stoke NewingtonSt Olave1893-1949 LMACE
StratfordChrist Church1851-1956 EROCE
StratfordCongregational Chapel (Brickfields Chapel)1774-1838 TNANC
StratfordHoly Trinity Oxford Rd1888-1941 EROCE
StratfordLatter Day Saints Assembly Hall Maryland Rdto 1918 SLCNC
StratfordMethodist Chapel West Ham Lane1937-1948 ERONC
StratfordPrimitive Methodist Chapel Henniker Rd1865-1959 ERONC
StratfordSt Aiden Ward Rd1900-1940 EROCE
StratfordSt Francis of Assisi1770-1812 copies at ERORC
StratfordSt John the Evangelist1834-1939 EROCE
StratfordSt Mark Windmill Lane1892-1903 with St PaulCE
StratfordSt Patrick Lett Rd1897-1945 ND | closedRC
StratfordSt Paul Maryland Rd1860-date NDCE
StratfordSt Stephen Cedars Rd1918-1936 with St John the EvangelistCE
StratfordWesleyan Methodist Chapel19891-1941 ERONC
Tower LibertyHoly Trinity Minories1563-1897 GLCE
Tower LibertySt Peter ad Vincula (Chapel Royal in Tower)1538-date NDCE
UpminsterCongregational Chapel Station Rd1801-1837 ERONC
UpminsterSt Joseph1923-date NDRC
UpminsterSt Laurence1543-1908 EROCE
Upton ParkOur Lady of Compassion1901-date NDRC
Upton ParkPrimitive Methodist Chapel Plashet GroveNC
Upton ParkPrimitive Methodist Circuit1887-1923 ERONC
Upton ParkSt Alban1903-1967 EROCE
Upton ParkSt Peter1884-1971 EROCE
Upton ParkSt Stephen1882-1953 EROCE
Upton ParkWesleyan Methodist Chapel Green St1883-1970 ERONC
Victoria DockSt Anne1899-date NDRC
Victoria DockSt Barnabus1886-1931 EROCE
Victoria DockSt Luke1875-1953 EROCE
Victoria DockSt Mark1863-1891 EROCE
Victoria DockSt Mary & St Edward1887-1987 ND | closedRC
Victoria DockSt Matthew1895-1952 EROCE
Victoria DockThe Ascension19894-1973 EROCE
WansteadChrist Church (chapel of ease to St Mary)CE
WansteadOur Lady of Lourdes1919-date NDRC
WansteadSt Gabriel1903-date NDCE
WansteadSt Mary1640-1863 EROCE
WappingBaptist Chapel1786-1803 TNANC
WappingSt John1618-1940 LMACE
WappingSt Patrick1871-date ND | 1953-1965 destroyedRC
WappingThe English Martyr1876-date NDRC
WenningtonSt Mary & St Peter1654-1981 EROCE
West HamAll Saints1653-1950 EROCE
West HamAll Saints Church for the Deaf and Dumb1906-date with All Saints West HamCE
West HamPrimitive Methodist Chapel1930-1940 ERONC
West HamSt John's Reformed Episcopal1891-1911 ERONC
West HamSt Jude1898-1941 ?? | church destroyedCE
West HamSt Matthew1896-date NDCE
West HamSt Thomas1890-1948 EROCE
WhitechapelBaptist Chapel Little Precott St1786-1803 TNANC
WhitechapelBaptist Chapel Mill YardNC
WhitechapelPresbyterian Church Somerset St1756-1780, 1783-1811 TNANC
WhitechapelSt George's Lutheran Church1763-1997 THA | copies 1763-1895 AGFHSPT
WhitechapelSt Jude Commercial St1848-1922 LMACE
WhitechapelSt Mary Matfellon1558-1940 LMACE
WhitechapelWhitechapel Workhouse1905-1926 LMAIN
WoodfordAll Saints1874-1888 EROCE
WoodfordDr Barnardo's Home for Boys1911-1967 Barnardo'sIN
WoodfordHoly Trinity1887-1964 EROCE
WoodfordSt Andrew1888-date ??CE
WoodfordSt Barnabus1904-1969 EROCE
WoodfordSt Mary1638-1978 EROCE
WoodfordSt Paul1854-1940 EROCE
WoodfordSt Phillip & St JamesCE
WoodfordSt Thomas of Canterbury1894-date NDRC
WoodfordWesleyan Methodist Chapel Derby Rd1877-1953 ERONC


AGFHS = Anglo-German FHS, 14 River Reach,Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 9QL, England
Barnado = Barnardo's, Tanners Lane, Barkingside, Ilford, Essex, IG6 1QG, England
CE = Church of England
ERO = Essex Record Office, Wharf Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 6YT, England
GL = Guildhall Library, Aldermanbury, London, EC2P 2EJ, England
HAD = Hackney Archives Department, 43 De Beauvoir Road, London, N1 5SQ, England
IN = Institution
LMA = London Metropolitan Archives, 40 Northampton Road, London, EC1R 0HB, England
NEW = Newham Library, 3 The Grove, Stratford, E15 1EL, England
NC = Non Conformist
PRO = Public Record Office, Ruskin Avenue, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DK, England
PT = Protestant
RC = Roman Catholic
SLC = The Genealogical Society of Utah, 35 North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150, U.S.A
THL = Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives, Bancroft Road, London, E1 4DQ, England
VAL = Valence Library, Becontree Avenue, Dagenham, Essex, RM8 3HT, England
WDA = Westminster Diocesan Archives, 16A Abingdon Road, Kensington, London, W8 6AF, England